Monuments + VOLA + Kadinja + Atlas

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29 Oct 2018
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British band Monuments managed to turn quite a few heads in 2012 with their debut “Gnosis”, that also quickly saw them lumped into the djent genre. With their second album “The Amanuensis” the band has managed to distinguish themselves and their sound moved closer to progressive metal with a groovy edge. On this album, which features new vocalist Chris Barretto’s pipes and saxophone, there’s a larger focus on riffs that makes it more melodic, heavier, more skilled and dynamic, and most of all better than its predecessor. Monuments is currently putting the finishing touch on their third album “Phronesis”, coming out soon.

“If Meshuggah and Opeth had a love child, it would be the Danish experimental rock band VOLA”, as the description of the video ‘Starburn’ claims. It’s a perfect way to describe this very talented young Danish band. The four lads manage to combine prog rock, djent metal and electronics into an organic and harmonious whole. This puts the band into a very illustrious list of bands who are capable of pulling off the same feat, like Leprous, Haken and Soen. Debut “Inmazes” (2015) has recently been re-released by Dutch label Mascot, as it deserves more attention. Don’t miss this opportunity to see VOLA live in action!

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