Neurosis + DEAFKIDS

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19 Jun 2018
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On 19 June the legendary band Neurosis will come to Nijmegen for an exclusive show! The Americans have made their mark on the post-metal genre with their engrossing mix of metal, sludge, psychedelic rock, industrial and proto-metal.

The collective has been around for over thirty years and has been an expert at the gentle art of psychological sonic torture since the the late eighties. The band with singers/guitarists Scott Kelly and Steve von Till at its core has managed to find a unique spot within the experimental metal scene with their patiently built, extended tracks. “Through Silver in Blood” (1996), “Times of Grace” (2001), “The Eye of Every Storm” (2004) and “Given to the Rising” (2007) are highlights in their more than impressive oeuvre.

Next to their unworldly vocals, heavy walls of guitar and subtle soundscapes, Neurosis doesn’t mind taking their time. They love to think out of the box and embrace experimentation. This is clear when you hear their most recent work, “”, which includes relatively recent influences from folk, doom. Their live shows most of all are still impressive, unique and deafeningly loud, which, if combined with Doornroosje’s massive PA’s, is going to result in a fantastic live show. This is one night you don’t want to miss.

Brazil-based DEAFKIDS has gained some attention in recent years with their aggressive mix of noise, D-beat, drones and other psychedelic, sonic torture with a Brazillian temper. Their brand new album “Configuração do Lamento” is one you have to experience live to fully grasp. This is going to be a unique experience, so make sure to be there in time!

Photograph by: Stefaan Temmerman

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