Oi Va Voi

Sun 25 November
  • Normaal€ 24,00
  • De prijzen zijn inclusief alle kosten.

The music of Oi Va Voi (Yiddish for ‘let’s hope that ends well’) is an exciting mix of klezmer, Eastern-European music, dance and Mediterranean music. The lyrics often deal with matters of identity and authenticity.

The members of the band that was founded in 2000 have both a Jewish and a multi-cultural background. Musically speaking, the six-piece band is also very diverse. Violinist Sophie Solomon is also a very renowned drum ‘n bass and techno DJ, bassist Leo Bryant loves funk, guitarist Nik Ammar prefers playing flamenco and clarinetist/singer Steve Levi has a classical background. Trumpet-player Lemez Lovas is also a much-praised jazz, hip hop and Latin DJ, while drummer Josh Breslaw has also been active in hip hop and rock bands.

The excellent Oi Va Voi is a fantastic live act in which fiddle, clarinet and trumpet are combined with deep bass-lines and electronic beats.

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