Other Lives + Black Oak

It took some time for Other Lives to return. The indie folk band from Oklahoma released their breaktrough album “Tamer Animals” in 2011, a collection of warm folk that embodied both serene calm and tangible intensity. New album “Rituals” was released this spring and was preceded by single ‘Reconfiguration’. The album sound like a logical successor. Whereas “Tamer Animals” symbolized their place of birth, “Rituals” symbolizes a new phase in their lives with long travels, loneliness, isolation and moving from Oklahoma to Portland, Oregon.

The singing voice of front man, singer and guitarist Jesse Tabish is still as engaging as ever, while the band sounds far from tired through their varied use of sounds and instruments. Nowadays the band is a trio, basically a mini orchestra. Every band member plays at least five instruments, using everything and the kitchen sink, including their mobile phones. Other Lives is a sight and sound to behold live on stage.

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Bekijk de foto's (Other Lives)