YAMETATTA Europe tour

Otoboke Beaver + Drinking Boys and Girls Choir

The ideal soundtrack for Valentine’s Day? Tonight Doornroosje has the Japanese Riot Grrrls of Otoboke Beaver and the Korean skate punkers Drinking Boys and Girls Choir on offer.

Otoboke Beaver consists of four Japanese ladies from Kyoto who cut loose entirely with their firebrand punk rock, garage and noise-punk. These are songs that never let up. Singer and guitarist Accorinrin, guitarist Yoyoyoshie, bassist Hiro-chan and drummer Pop create songs that are never longer than one minute. The band calls itself the Japanese ‘knock out of pound cake’ band and sings in Kyoto’s street vernacular.

Next to a headlining tour in England they also played a show in Lowlands as part of their European debut. Now they are coming back for a short club tour. In the spring of 2019 their album “Itekoma Hits” came out, which is an album with both older and newer material and serves as a perfect introduction to Otoboke Beaver. The name was inspired by a local ‘love hotel’ in Kyoto, by the way.

Opening tonight are the Korea trio Drinking Boys and Girls Choir. Don’t let the name mislead you as it has absolutely nothing to do with a choir of children. Based on their new album you could say they really love alcohol and other temptations of life. The band finds inspiration in 90s and 00s hardcore, punk and rock bands from Korea, as well as in bands like NOFX and Sum41 that love to celebrate life to the fullest.

Bekijk de foto's (Drinking Boys & Grils Choir)
Bekijk de foto's (Otoboke Beaver)