Periphery + Plini + Astronoid

Periphery has been on the frontlines of modern, progressive metal for a number of years. The Americans are metal pioneers in their own, unique way. They do this quite successfully as well, as their exciting live performances and albums are very well received. For their third album, “III: Select Difficulty”, they even received a Grammy nomination.

For their brand new album “IV: Hail Stan” the lads have raised the bar once again. The record is heavier than any of its predecessors, yet is still as ingenious as ever. It’s downright spectacular what the Americans manage to create, bursting at the seams in terms of talent and never shying away from brave experiments. Case in point: the 16 minute (!) opening song ‘Reptile’ is a massive statement of intent, representing everything that Periphery currently stands for: constantly trying to break new ground. We are very happy to welcome this band to Nijmegen for the third time.

Australian band Plini makes instrumental, progressive rock of a very high level of quality. The guitar-playing is incredible and the jazzy fusion sound is unbelievably fresh and energetic. In 2015 they completed a triptych with the EP “The End of Everything”. New work is on the way.

The Americans of Astronoid add an entirely new element to their progressive post rock and black metal sound: a slice of thrash metal. It results in a unique and refreshing sound; dreamy, ethereal soundscapes with clean vocals with plenty of heavy accelerations. At times they may remind you of acts like Alcest, Deafheaven and Devin Townsend.

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