Atlas Shoulders Tour

Pierce Brothers + Millington

Australian duo The Pierce Brothers has made their way from being street artists to playing larger festivals and concert venues within only a few years. Even though their dreadlocks and acoustic guitars may pigeonhole them as hippies, their performances are mostly characterized by their unbridled energy.

Musically speaking they follow in the tradition of Mumford & Sons, but as former street musicians they are capable of much more. Just check their videos online how they played Mark Ronson’s ‘Uptown Funk’ or Lorde’s ‘Tennis Court’ with a didgeridoo and mouth-organ. Not only have they played very successful sets at Doornroosje and the St. Stevenskerk before, Lowlands and Pinkpop have also welcomed them with open arms.

Bekijk de foto's (Millington)
Bekijk de foto's (Pierce Brothers)