Revocation + Archspire + Soreption + Rivers of Nihil

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21 Dec 2018
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On 21 December FortaRock is proud to present yet another terrific package in Doornroosje: Revocation, Archspire, Rivers of Nihil and Soreption. These are among the best bands that metal has to offer on a skill level.

Revocation is perhaps the best kept secret of the past few years within the extreme metal scene. The American band with front man, guitarist and singer David Davidson offers a mix of highly skilled death and thrash, combined with an overwhelming tempo, extreme aggression and a dexterity that boggles the mind. This is metal with a capital M. The influences of the eighties aren’t all that subtle perhaps, but the music has a very modern, contemporary quality to it. The band is incredibly productive: their seventh album in less than 10 years is about to be released. We expect “The Outer Ones” to be yet another surefire hit!

Archspire offers one surprise after another. It is breath-taking to hear what these Canadians come up with on albums “The Lucid Collective” and “Relentless Mutation” from 2017. This is fast-paced yet advanced and catchy tech death of the highest order. It is very impressive how the band is able to combine catchy melodies and very energetic, technical passages without losing sight of song-writing.

Rivers of Nihil is yet another leading band within the scene. The sound of these Americans is ambitious and hints at the highly skilled progressive side of death metal. Their new album “Where Owls Know My Name”, released by Metalblade Records, is the third album of a series of four of an ode to the seasons. Their death metal is ruthless and specifically geared towards fans of Gojira, Decapitated, Fallujah and Obscura.

It won’t surprise anyone that the fourth band, Soreption, is a great fit for the other three tonight. The Swedes have a slightly more traditional edge to their sound however: intense, pure death metal is what they have to offer. The new album “Monument of the End” is about to be released through Sumerian Records.

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