Russian Circles + Brutus

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17 May 2018
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Russian Circles is one of the few instrumental bands that make you forget the fact that there’s no vocalist on stage. The post-metal-inspired post-rock of this trio from the United States is as diverse as it is layered, which results in terrific live shows on stage.

This is partly due to guitarist Mike Sullivan’s thirst for innovation and use of effect pedals. Add the massive groove of drummer Dave Turncrantz and bassist Brian Cook and you’ve got the recipe for a band that’s capable of writing and creating beautiful albums. The band has released six albums since 2006 so far, with the two most recent ones as their most remarkable, as 2013’s “Memorial” and 2016’s “Guidance” are noticeably heavier than their predecessors. Russian Circles has been known as a terrific live band for years. Highly recommended to fans of bands like God Is An Astronaut, ISIS, 65dasofstatic, Godspeed! You Black Emperor and Neurosis.

Leuven-based trio Brutus rose through the ranks in 2017 with their remarkable shows on festivals like Eurosonic and Pukkelpop. Drummer Stefanie’s Slayer preference, guitarist Stijn’s fascination for Bruce Springsteen and bassist Peter’s love of The Weeknd result in a sonic melting pot that gives the band very much a sound of their own somewhere in-between post-rock and post-metal, math rock, sludge and rock. Get there in time, as they will start off tonight’s proceedings.

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