Ryley Walker

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14 Apr 2019
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Ryley Walker is quite prolific. In 2015 he released his marvelous debut album “Primrose Green”, an album that echoes John Martyn’s early seventies work but also incorporates influences from Nick Drake and Geoff Farina. His most recent album “The Lilywhite Sessions” is his fourth one.

His debut album was praised by the international press but also by legends like Robert Plant and double-bass player Danny Thompson. Walker has a phenomenal guitar-playing technique and switches from strumming to open chords in a mesmerizing manner. If you’re capable of playing like Walker then every idea can turn into a strong song.

Walker doesn’t confine himself to a single genre, as his albums “Golden Sings That Have Been Sung” (2016) and “Deafman Glance” (2017) demonstrate a different side of the artist without leaving his roots behind. On his latest album “The Lilywhite Sessions” (2018) Walker is joined by his regular drummer Ryan Jewell and bass-player Andrew Scott on a tribute to the controversial and unpopular 2001 art rock album of American cult hero Dave Matthews. Pressured by his label he dropped the album because it was deemed to be too dark and impenetrable. The recordings found their way to the internet however, turning it into a fan favorite, including one of Ryley’s. His obsessive reinterpretation – masterfully covered and reimagined – recalls the golden Drag City days of Jim O’Rourke at times, although Dinosaur Jr. is never far away either.

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