Salvador Sobral

The Portuguese winner of the Eurovision Songfestival in 2017 Salvador Sobral is coming to Nijmegen.

With the highest score in the finals ever the Lisbon-based Salvador Sobral stole the spotlight at the Eurovision Songfestival 2017 with his song ‘Amar Pelos Dois’. Now the Portuguese singer-songwriter is coming to the Netherlands for the very first time with his soulful, jazz-infused songs.

His long-expected second album “Paris, Lisboa” was inspired by the two cirties that left their mark on the recording process. It’s also an ode to the film classic “Paris, Texas” (1984) of Wim Wenders. The songs aren’t only in Portuguese, but Salvador also sings a number of them in Spanish, English and French.

Live Sobral is supported by three Portuguese top musicians, among which is the renowned jazz pianist Júlio Resende.

This concert takes place in Stadsschouwburg Nijmegen.