Samsara Blues Experiment

Kaleidobolt + Bismut

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17 May 2017
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Tonight we have two authentic power trios on stage. Samsara Blues Experiment from Berlin has been around for a decade now and is a well-known force within the stoner rock scene. Roadburn, FreakValley: this band has played them all and conquered numerous hearts and minds. Expect extended songs with enough room for psychedelic riffs and a heavy yet relaxed bluesy groove. Their fourth album is on its way and will get the promotional tour it deserves in May. Come join the experience, that’s our advice!

Kaleidobolt will be their support, although the term is misleading as these three Fins are just as good as their German brethren. Kaleidobolt has been around for only three years, but they managed to leave quite an impression with two albums and an official bootleg. Extended songs are their specialty as well, leaving a lot of room for the various members’ individual skills. They don’t even shy away from a drum solo! They still know how to rock in a straight line however. This is the good power trio stuff!

Bismut rose from the ashes of Nijmegen rockbands Bandito, Emperors and Geiser. Their endless jam sessions often end in psychedelic freak-outs and heavy extended grooves.

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