FortaRock presents The Dawn Of A New Age 2015

Satyricon + Oslo Faenskap + Vredehammer

Satyricon is not only one of the biggest bands in the black metal genre, it is also one of the most interesting ones.

The legendary Norse band will do an exclusive Dutch show in Doornroosje on Saturday 4 April. It is going to be a show in support of the DVD release “Satyricon – Live at the Opera” that is set for release in March. The band is fresh and eager: ‘We plan on playing songs that we never play live, we plan on doing live jam sessions and we want this to be a special tour.’, according to singer Satyr.

Their sound has seen quite some changes since the early dates in the mid-nineties. The extremely dark and uncompromising black metal of their early days has been exchanged for a more sober sound with more depth, although the venom is still ever present. The mid tempo songs still thrill to the bone, partly due to the drier, heavier productions. The album “Diabolical, Now” (2006) is the best example of this, with the song ‘K.I.N.G.’ being the summation of all of these characteristics. On the next two albums, of which “Satyricon” (2013) is the most recent one, their sound gains even more depth by shedding layers of production, resulting in a very minimalistic sound that exposes the true core. Live the band that is still fronted by singer Satyr and drummer Frost not only loud but also as theatrical as always.

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