Saxon + Diamond Head

Paging all fans of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal! Tonight two very influential bands from that era are sharing a bill: Saxon and Diamond Head.

Saxon is responsible for a huge list of metal classics like ‘Motorcycle Man’, ‘747 Strangers in the Night’, ‘Strong Arm of the Law’, ‘Princess of the Night’, ‘Heavy Metal Thunder’ and of course metal anthem ‘Wheels of Steel’. The Brits have proven over and over again that they’re still one of the best NWOBHM live bands around, a terrific way of testing your own falsetto pipes with a beer in your hands. The Brits are one of the main bands of the aforementioned New Wave of British Heavy Metal, counting Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden among their peers. The South Yorkshire band was founded in the mid-seventies and quickly turned into one of Great Brittain’s most popular musical export products. If we count their latest album “Thunderbolt” from 2018, then they’ve made no less than 22 studio albums over the years. That’s basically a new record every two years!

‘Am I Evil?’ Anyone who answers that question with ‘Yes I Am!’ immediately knows that it’s about Diamond Head. The British band’s 1980 album “Lightning to the Nations” is a true cult classic. Their most famous song was covered by Metallica, even. Diamond Head’s new material is still deeply rooted in heavy metal, yet with a more modern sound. Listen to their new song ‘The Coffin Train’ for example.

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