Septicflesh + Inquisition


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24 Jan 2018
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We’ve got a monstrously great co-headline metal package for you on this Wintery Wednesday: Septicflesh and Inquisition!

A lot has changed for Greek band Septicflesh since their previous record “Communion“, album that was better than all of its predecessors combined. Guitarist Christos Antoniu studied classic composing in England, which in effect inspired the band to start operating on a wholly different level. The dark metal, that seamlessly incorporates elements from black, death, doom and gothic metal, is deeply enhanced by the aforementioned influences from classical music. Their brand new album “Codex Omega” is more than just a worthy successor: this is their absolute masterpiece up until now. It is overwhelming, massive and majestic, a future classic of the genre. With their terrific sound their live show in Doornroosje is bound to be absolutely fantastic!

Inquisition has been in Nijmegen numerous times already. Their latest album with the all-encompassing title “Bloodshed Across the Empyrean Altar Beyond the Celestial Zenith” is one big black metal rage attack of the highest order. While the album is slower on the whole than its predecessors, there is a threatening vibe that exudes the same level of foreboding. This duo is incredible live, as we’ve personally experienced before.

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