Shellac + Cocaine Piss

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In 1995 Shellac gave a terrific performance in Doornroosje. In 2010 they stopped by again with The Ex. This time around, Shellac invites Belgian band Cocaine Piss along for the ride.

The American band is often seen as a project of legendary producer Steve Albini, but Shellac is big enough on its own to do without the Albini asterisk. Shellac rose from the ashes of hardcore and noise rock band Big Black (Albini’s first group), part of a scene that also featured bands like NoMeansNo, Black Flag, Fugazi, Sonic Youth, Butthole Surfers, Helmet and later bands like The Jesus Lizard and Barkmarket.

The Chicago, Illinois trio have released five albums in the band’s 26 year existence so far. Their debut “At Action Park” (1994) is regarded as a classic. The uncompromising raw guitar sound with the screech and spoken word vocals of Albini, the heavy basses and intriguing energetic drum patterns: all of these result in a unique sound. Terraform (1998), 1000 Hurts (2000), Excellent Italian Greyhound (2007) and Dude Incredible (2014) complete their discography.

Steve Albini is also a very successful producer and well known for his work with Nirvana, The Pixies, The Ex, PJ Harvey, and Palace Brothers. He also produced the debut album of Cocaine Piss. This quartet from Luik is one of the most exciting noise bands in recent years. Their debut album “The Dancer” came out in 2016, while they have a live show that’s nothing short of impressive. Front woman and siren Aurélie Poppins, sings, screams and dashes all over the place on stage, while her three band members play their merry mix of noise and punk in the background.

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