Stoned Jesus + Mothership + Elephant Tree

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22 Sep 2018
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It’s time to be rocked off your socks again this Saturday night as three terrific bands are set to perform: Stoned Jesus, Mothership and Elephant Tree. Don’t expect sensitive, timid balladry. This is a wall of sound drenched in heavy swampy rock, groovin’ psychedelic stoner and doom. And that’s just the way we like it!

Stoned Jesus has been on the rise for the past few years. The trio from the Ukraine is capable of summoning a mighty racket with their inventive, engaging stoner rock. They’ve progressed a lot ever since their debut album “First Communion” came out in 2010: the band is more balanced and powerful than ever, with their most recent album “The Harvest” coming out in 2015. If the gorgeously aggressive song “Here Come the Robots”, opener of that album, is any indication of their new work, then boy, are we in for a treat.

Mothership: supersonic intergalactic heavy rock from Dallas, Texas: Mothership offers a vortex of riff-based heavy stoner metal that is finger-licking good – something they’ve already demonstrated a few years back in Merleyn. They’ve recently added the 2017 album “High Strangeness” to their discography. London-based Elephant Tree sounds just as heavy and filthy, but adds more psychedelic elements to the well-known stoner rock soup. They are currently working on a successor to their self-titled second album.

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