Suffocation + Cattle Decapitation

Abiotic + Exuviated + Infernal Tenebra

For the second time in a year we have Suffocation on stage in Doornroosje. The performance of this legendary death metal band from last September was terrific and overwhelming. When we had an offer to book them with co-headliner Cattle Decapitation in 2016 this year we took them up on it immediately!

Cattle Decapitation is responsible for one of the absolute metal highlights of 2015. The Americans once again hit a new high with “The Anthropocene Extinction”. The album, released by Metalblade Records, is of a very high quality – not just on a technical and production-wise level, but also lyrically. The mix of death and grind sounds fresh, aggressive and incredible. Deep grunts, blast beats, breakdowns, ‘clean’ vocals: these well-written songs have got it all. Brace yourselves, as this is going to be one hell of an extreme metal night once again!

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