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26 May 2018
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Aaron Turner, a source of unbound creativity, used to be the driving force behind the band ISIS. This was a band with a very prominent and clear influence on the post-sludge-doom metal genre. With new project SUMAC the American singer/guitarist combines inventive, cutting heavy guitar noise with ferociously screeching, dynamic sludge.

He is once again at the center in SUMAC, flanked by drummer Nick Yacyshyn (known from his work with Baptists) and bassist Brian Cook (Russian Circles, but also formerly of These Arms Are Snakes and Botch). This is a trio of top musicians with very respectable resumes.

The band debuted in 2015 with album “The Deal”, a sludgy heavy-weight of a record that immediately struck a chord because of its self-willed, non-conventional song structures. Its 2016 successor, released through Thrill Jockey, turned out to be even heavier. “What One Becomes” is full of biting guitar noise with ferociously screeching sludge , enhanced by bone-rattling, desperate vocals and Yacyshyn’s dynamic, penetrating yet sublime drumming. Note that Cook will not be part of this tour because of his parallel tour with Russian Circles (17 May in Doornroosje); he will be replaced on the road by Joe Preston (Melvins, Sun O))), High On Fire). Not exactly a rookie either!

Their latest effort is a collaboration with Japanese multi-instrumentalist and artist Keiji Haino. On “American Dollar Bill – Keep Facing Sideways, You’re Too Hideous To Look At Face On” the musicians are pushing the boundaries of the metal genre. Expect a ruthless sonic bulldozer live on stage! SUMAC is recommended to anyone who owns records by ISIS, Neurosis, Amenra, Cult Of Luna, Baroness and Sun O))).

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