TesseracT + Between The Buried And Me + Plini

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10 Nov 2018
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Tonight we are very proud to present no less than three of the absolute best bands within the progressive metal genre: TesseracT, Between The Buried And Me and Plini. Each of these is highly skilled and unparalleled. Expect a super energetic show that is bound to blow away any fan of prog metal.

There are plenty of albums to enjoy and bands to see live, but there are very few musical collectives that you truly have to experience. TesseracT is one of those bands. These Brits take you on an engaging, suspenseful journey with deep layers of sound, polyrhythmic structures and experimentation. Just like Tool, Deftones and Radiohead they manage to create innovative mood pieces with a clear quality signature, giving an impulse to the progressive rock and metal scene along the way. Every now and then influences from Meshuggah can be discerned, but melody is king in their music. Don’t expect an easy listening experience; this is higher mathematics. New song ‘Luminary’ is heavier than ever and comes from their new record “Sonder” that comes out in April. We’re expecting great things from its release.

The Americans from Between The Buried And Me are capable of effortlessly mixing jazz, death metal, hardcore, heavy prog, and progressive metal and turning it into an organic whole. This is a band that immediately grabs you and kicks you around the room because it can. Usually ruthless and highly technical, but the band also has a softer and poppier side that pops up every now and then. It is an indication that composing complex, yet catchy songs is somehow part of these lads’ DNA. Each of their albums is of a very high quality; their discography is more than impressive. They will release a new album called “Automata I” soon. If the teaser song ‘Condemned to the Gallows’ is any indication then we’re in for a treat.

The Australian band Plini makes instrumental progressive rock of a top shelf quality. The guitar-playing is simply fantastic, while the jazzy fusion elements are unbelievably fresh and energetic. In 2015 they completed a trilogy with their third EP “The End of Everything”. New work is on the way.

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