The Cactus Blossoms

The Cactus Blossoms consist of the brothers Jack Torrey and Page Burkhu, both born in Minneapolis. On their debut album “You’re Dreaming” they put a traditional sound on offer with influences from country, folk and rock ‘n roll. They are clearly influenced by artists like Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly and The Everly Brothers, yet with their gorgeous harmonies they manage to create something very special.

Earlier this year The Cactus Blossoms gained a lot of new fans by playing the song ‘Mississippi’ live in the hit series Twin Peaks. Their second album was produced by JD McPherson and on it the band showed their love for folk, country and rock ‘n roll from the late fifties and early sixties. The men have a passion for music that they manage to express in a contemporary, refreshing manner. Highly recommended to fans of Colter Wall, Sturgill Simpson, Daniel Romano, Gillian Welch and Old Crow Medicine Show.

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