The Cool Greenhouse + Music On Hold

British band The Cool Greenhouse creates home-grown post-punk with a witty edge. Their mesmerizing repetitive riffs are accompanied by sharp and cynical lyrics of front man Tom Greenhouse, who uses humor as a brilliant provocative weapon.

After being successful in the underground DIY label circuit in 2019, the London band released a number of seven inches and EPs in the past few years. 2020 wasn’t a great year for most, it did see the release of their long-awaited self-titled debut album on Melodic Records. On his album, full of narratives of everyday life, they combine lo-fi home recordings with a fuller, more developed sound, bringing their typical style to new and uncharted territory. You could describe it as chaotic and repetitive, although in a good way.

Last year they supported bands like The Stroppies, Bad Breeding and Do Nothing. They were supposed to play a number of festivals like The Great Escape and Glastonbury, but as we all know plans have changed a bit. Patience is a virtue however, so we expect them to pick up exactly where they left off on stage.