The Great Old Ones + Auðn + Dodecahedron + Kjeld

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10 Nov 2018
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Tonight we’ve got a fantastic package deal with the best in Europe of modern black metal. Four bands from three different nations: Auðn from Iceland, The Great Old Ones from France and Dodecahedron and Kjeld from our own country.

The Great Old Ones are all about H.P. Lovecraft, black metal and post-rock. The five lads manage to combine these influences into a musical spectacle. On their latest album, “EOD-A Tale Of Dark Legacy” from 2017, with a sound characterized by many high-pitched, sinister tones, buried under oppressive, gloomy layers of suspenseful violence.

If you have to name one band that fits the sound of The Great Old Ones like a glove then it has to be Auðn. The Icelanders are signed by the same label, Season of Mist. The album that came out on that label in 2017, “Farvegir Fyrndar“, immediately resulted in a breakthrough. Black metal is its main reference, but they present it with loads of atmosphere and melody. Really good.

The Netherlands has a very healthy extreme and progressive metal scene at the moment. Dodecahedron is part of this scene, having released a quality album with “Kwintessens“. Ruthless, devastating black metal with the whiff of madness, with infrequent psychedelic intermezzos. The tight drums, dissonant guitar sound and maniacal vocals turn Dodecahedron into a unique band within this dark landscape; one to cherish.

In 2015 Frisian band Kjeld released their debut album “Skym“. The record was received very well and demonstrated that the Frisian language and historical texts are a perfect fit for ruthless, Scandinavian-style black metal.

If you’re a fan of black metal then you cannot afford to miss this!

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