The Kyle Gass Company + Wynchester

Kyle Gass, also known as KG, is one half of the crazy American comedy rock duo Tenacious D next to Jack Black. Now he’s coming to Doornroosje with his own ‘super group’ The Kyle Gass Company.

Expect stories, jokes, rock ‘n roll but most of all a terrific acoustic ‘rock’ band with top musicians, which includes vocal artist Mike Bray and guitar virtuoso John Konesky. Also part of the band is ‘perhaps the best photographer playing bass’ Jason Keene, and talented drummer Tim Spier, who is described by the band as ‘Michael Jackson doppelganger and eye candy in one’.

Kyle Gass joined Tim Robbins’ Actor’s Gang aged 18, which is where he met someone named Jack Black, at that point no older than 16. The two have been inseparable ever since then. Both have moved on to a glorious career as both an actor and a musician since then.

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