The Muckers

The Muckers are a four-piece band from Brooklyn, New York making catchy, danceable psychedelic rock. Lyrically, many of their songs share a common theme: escape. The rock of the Muckers has an edge and is often drenched in fuzz and psychedelia.

Front man Emir Mohensi once had a dream to make rock music. In his country of origin, Iran, there’s a ban on rock music, so he had to tread very carefully to avoid jailtime. The fled the country eventually to follow his dream of becoming a rock musician. Once he arrived in the United States, he was faced with a travel ban unfortunately. With some detours he managed to bypass the ban and his perseverance paid off when he met three men who would become his best friends and with whom he eventually formed The Muckers. Their first album has the fitting title “Endeavour”. Because of covid-19 the band hasn’t been able to do what they’re exceptionally good at, which is playing live. After the dive bars of Brooklyn, it’s now Merleyn’s turn to experience their unique brand-new energy.