The Ocean + Rosetta + Torrential

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9 May 2018
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German metal collective The Ocean is coming to Nijmegen with a very special, exclusive show. For the first time they are going to perform their magnum opus “Precambrian” in its entirety. The gentlemen are known for their highly skilled, massive and grand, engaging post-metal that can also thrash with the best.

The album “Precambrian” from 2007 was recorded with the help of no less than 26 (!) guest musicians and is regarded as their best album of their career so far. It’s a true concept album consisting of two parts with a message, one that focuses on the shape of the Earth during the Precambrium, an era in which the very first ‘mass extinction’ took place. It’s a thinly-veiled metaphor for the current condition of the world. In the eleven years since this message did not lose any of its power, on the contrary even.

Both parts, “Hadean/Archaean” and “Proterozoic” are intense, heavy and complex. The intensity of Neurosis and the powerful edges of Converge are enhanced with rich, massive orchestration. Together with the gorgeous artwork this makes “Precambrian” a unique record that left a clear mark on the post-metal genre. The Ocean, fronted by Robin Staps, consists of four core members and is expanded with guest musicians during live shows.

American band Rosetta is one of the most consistent post-metal and post-rock bands. With their latest piece “Utopoid” from 2017 they managed to win a large number of fans. The album is a very effective masterclass in terrifying, yet beautiful post-metal. The numerous mood pieces are juxtaposed with heavy sludge riffs and clean vocals. Their most diverse album has a gorgeous sound that is very rare indeed.

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