In Between Dreams

The Residents

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31 Oct 2017
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The Residents – pioneers of the American avant-garde scene – kick off their European tour tonight in Doornroosje.

Naivity, atonal innocence and playful pretensions have been the key values for the experimental avant-garde collective The Residents. These masked artists from San Francisco have been praised for their collage-like deconstructions of the American history of music. Bizarre combinations of George Gershwin and James Brown, or John Philip Sousa and Hank Williams, are part of a concept album cycle with unforgettable titles like “The Third Reich ‘n Roll”.

On their most recent album “The Ghost of Hope” (2017) they are back at it with compositions that deal with major American train disasters. Their iconic eye ball masks have been exchanged for huge bills. It’s not important who is hiding behind the masks; their bait and switch game with identities is part of what makes these artists so unique.

Their stage performance is just as interesting as their music. The group is a well-known staple as a pioneer in media art. In fact, their early video clips are part of the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

“The Residents are grand American mavericks in the tradition of Raymond Scott, Frank Zappa, Charles Ives, and Harry Partch” – East Bay Express

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