The Rumjacks

The Rumjacks grew up on a musical diet of their parents’ Scottish and Irish record collection and a mix of punk and rock. They use these influences and turn these into punk rock and Celtic folk that has the energy of a rampaging kangaroo. With their Irish roots and a healthy dose of punk The Rumjacks manage to keep the flame of folk punk burning.

These five wicked Aussies bring chaos to every stage they visit. Each of these turn into an intimate Irish party. Thanks to the engaging songs on their debut album “Gang of New Holland” from 2010 they immediately managed to get a much coveted support spot on tours of bands like Gogol Bordello and UK Subs. In 2015 they released their next album, “Sober & Godless”, followed by “Sleepin’ Rough” in 2016. They celebrated their decennial anniversary with a fourth album and a European tour. Recommended to fans of The Pogues, Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly!