The Skatalites

DJ Tin Wish Tin

The Skatalites return to Nijmegen, stopping by for the first time at the new venue for some quality history lessons in ska.

In the mid fifties a new style of music developed on Jamaica. Calypso and African rhythms were mixed with new, Western music like rock & roll and boogie-woogie, resulting in the most swingin’ style the world has ever heard: ska! There’s only one band still capable of reenacting the history of those early days: The Skatalites, who celebrated their fiftieth anniversary last year.

How many ska-revivals have The Skatalites lived through so far? Madness, The Specials, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, many many more… Without The Skatalites there would not have been ska, and without ska there would not have been reggae. Officially the band started off in 1964, using their ska music as a kind of soundtrack to an independent Jamaica. Shortly thereafter the band more or less quit, only to return in 1983 to active duty – in a very successful fashion, at that – to start performing again on festivals and in clubs and even to record new albums.

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