The Toy Dolls + Ink Bomb

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Legendary punk band The Toy Dolls is coming to Doornroosje! The British band is always in for a huge punk rock party. Since 1979 they have been praised for their skills and the way in which they were one of the first bands who were able to blend humor and satire with punk. Their first album “Dig That Groove Baby” from 1983 is still one of the best punk albums ever made.

Ever since then they are a welcome sight at the clubs and festivals. They also scored a massive hit single in the eighties with their version of nursery rhyme ‘Nellie the Elephant’. Other classics that have also had the Toy Dolls’ treatment include ‘The Final Countdown’ and ‘La Vida Loca’. Life is one big party according to the Brits and that deserves a celebration!

Bekijk de foto's (Ink Bomb)
Bekijk de foto's (The Toy Dolls)