Tides From Nebula + Tides of Man

Polish band Tides From Nebula has been doing very well in the past few years. The Warschau-based quartet has been touring very frequently with their instrumental compositions. This hard work seems to pay off, as Tides From Nebula has built themselves quite a reputation within the postrock scene. Their song build-up is almost eerily perfect.

Many of their postrock peers prefer a desolate mood in their music, but Tides From Nebula prefers a more optimistic sound like on their latest albums “Eternal Movement” (2013) and Safehaven (2016). At moments of clarity and reflection there’s always a glimmer of hope on the horizon, so in a way their music could actually work as a means of antidepressiva. Their new album is about to be released.

Tides Of Man from Florida has struck gold with their latest album “Every Nothing”. This is a gorgeous instrumental postrock piece that showcases the band’s skills, an album in which it is easy to lose yourself. We don’t expect it to be any different live on stage.

Bekijk de foto's (Tides of Man)
Bekijk de foto's (Tides from Nebula)