Tommy Emmanuel + JD Simo

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17 Mar 2019
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Tommy Emmanuel may very well be the best acoustic guitarist in the world. At the age of six he was already a professional guitarist, even though he never learned to read or write notes in his lifetime.

As a young boy he heard Chet Atkins on the radio and he became fascinated by Atkins’ style, one that has bass lines, melodies and chords played simultaneously with fingers and thumb. Tommy Emmanuel has mastered this finger-picking style as no other. His guitars always look extremely beaten up, as he’s also using them like a drumkit at the same time. He has played for many years as a studio and touring musician for other legends, collaborating with guitar heroes like Eric Clapton, Les Paul and Chet Atkins. The kind and modest Australian guitarist has made quite a name for himself as a solo act as well, gaining fans all over the world with his catchy songs. He must have inspired thousands of others to start picking up the acoustic guitar and play.

Tommy Emmanuel brings along a special guest tonigtht: JD Simo. This Nashville-based master guitarist has been a celebrated session musician that was much in demand for years. A few years ago he started his own band SIMO and started performing solo as well. His recipe is simple and to the point: amazing guitar-playing and a remarkable voice.

Note: this is a seated show that takes place in the Stadsschouwburg.

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