Toundra is a Spanish band, hailing from Madrid: four lads that have been making instrumental post, prog and power rock since 2007. With albums “III” and “IV” they managed to reach an international audience. This resulted in a contract with InsideOut Music, a label that released their brand new record “Vortex” earlier this year.

The title of the album is a clear indication of their overall sound: the impressively layered songs are like an overwhelming maelstrom, although they do cut back from time to time to put exciting soundscapes to the fore. Tight and masterful playing and clever production do the rest.

Toundra also managed to build up quite a reputation in the live circuit. They are well known for their terrific and engaging live shows. So that’s a very promising sign for their show in Merleyn! Highly recommended to fans of God Is An Astronaut, 65daysofstatic, Long Distance Calling and Maserati.

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