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24 Apr 2019
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Put your fists in the air and sing out loud and proud! We are happy to present three fantastic folk metal bands at Doornroosje tonight: Týr, Heidevolk and Dalriada.

Týr hail from the Faeroe islands and has been a force to be reckoned with for years with their powerful melodious folk and Viking metal. Epic songs with tempos that are larger than life and powerfully catchy choruses are the band’s calling card. Their FortaRock show from last year was one to remember forever. More than enough reason to invite them back to Nijmegen for a headline show, especially with the new album about to be released. The first song has already come out and it’s once again of a high quality! We are looking forward to the rest of the album.

Heidevolk, haling from our own province of Gelderland, has been the absolute frontrunner of our nation’s folk metal scene. Angry, epic and mythological stories are recounted in our native tongue. On their sixth album “Vuur van Verzet”, released by Napalm Records, all of the familiar elements are once again present. Just like on previous albums they focus more on the ‘metal’-part and are folk elements like violins and flutes less prominent in the mix. Heidevolk is still the same band we’ve cherished and loved for years though, so a song like ‘Drankgelach’ is still perfect for rowdy sing-a-longs.

Folk metal band Dalriada is a well kept secret from Hungary. The band has released no less than 12 albums since 2004, of which “Nyárutó” is the most recent one. It’s also a surprising album that’s full of quality song-writing and tracks that follow in the tradition of works by Turisas, Arkona and Ensiferum, only with Hungarian lyrics.

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