Ultha + Wesenwille

Ultha and Turia are two excellent, experimental black metal bands that are in terrific shape and are hungry for the stage. They get their chance to play their most recent material in Doornroosje on Friday 24 September.

On their brand-new album “Degen van Licht”, Turia has enhanced their well-known piercing, ice cold black metal sound with mesmerizing, almost progressive sections that are reminiscent of hazy space rock sounds from the seventies. This is suspenseful and dark, a gorgeous record. Gloom has never sounded so up-beat.

Ultha recently released two new songs through Bandcamp. The sound of the German band from Cologne is powerful, dirty and raw. Melancholy and aggression are two sides of the same coin in their extended songs that have both clean vocals and raw grunts. By alternating fast-paced and slow ambient-like pieces they manage to come to a dynamic whole. This is top level black metal that manages to be touching at the same time.