Norwegian band Ulver has had many musical identities in the past, dabbling in black metal, folk, garage rock, ambient, synth-pop and techno jazz. Whatever genre they chose, the end result was always unique, eccentric and intense. And the same goes for their live shows. After a three year absence from the stage Ulver is now back with a brand new show that includes a visual production.

On their latest album from 2017 the band quite possibly had taken the biggest turn into leftfield yet. On “The Assassination of Julius Caesar” Kristoffer Rygg et al. reach back to the eighties: a time of pop, synthesizers and new wave. The result was an intelligent, dark version of the familiar eighties sound, with some clear influences from Depeche Mode to discern. The lush and laid-back compositions sound deceptively simple, are very well-crafted. Once again Ulver is adapting to their new surroundings like a chameleon, even if their black heart is still firmly in place. This was a terrific synth-pop album that makes us look forward to what comes next. The new album is probably going to break new grounds once more, as we’re used to by now when it comes to works by these Norwegians. The band has a very impressive live reputation as well. They may not perform live all that often, but each one of their shows is a unique experience to cherish.