Sonic Whip

Villagers of Ioannina City

We celebrate King’s Day in Doornroosje the Greek way. Experimental psychedelic rock band Villagers of Ioannina City (V.I.C) from Greece is immensely popular in their home country, having played in front of crowds of thousands of people. Their shows on Dutch soil have been attracting more and more people as well over the years.

Their unique sound is best described as a mix of post-stoner rock with a large dose of Greek traditional music from Epirus. The musical tradition of the region is characterized by polyphonic styles and the use of clarinet and the band is using these elements with contemporary psychedelic styles. They have recently released their new album “Age of Aquarius”, which is a heavier affair than its predecessor “Riza”, yet still has plenty of its traditional elements. They take these exotic instruments on tour as well. Fans of 1000mods, Mars Red Sky, Monkey3 need to pay attention, as this is right up their alley.