VOLA + Uneven Structure

Arch Echo + Rendezvous Point + Schiermann

“If Meshuggah and Opeth had a love child, it would be the Danish experimental rock band VOLA”, as was written for the video of the song ‘Starburn’. It’s a perfect description of this very talented young Danish band.

The four lads combine prog rock, djent metal and electronics to a well-oiled, organic whole, which puts VOLA in the same class of acts like Leprous, Haken and Soen. Their debut “Inmazes” first came out in 2015, but has been re-released by Dutch label Mascot. Their latest album “Applause of a Distant Crowd” came out last year and is a huge step forward: a true grower with a more open and clearer sound.

Support act tonight is the American prog & fusion band Arch Echo and Rendezvous Point from Norway. And that’s not all, as in June we will announced the co-headliner of this night.

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