Whispering Sons

Belgian band Whispering Sons plays a unique combination of hectic and experimental post-punk. By combining elements from new wave, industrial and Avant-punk, they manage to create a ruthlessly rhythmic whole with engaging and repetitive instrumental sections. The lyrics and vocals of Fenne Kuppens add another exciting layer.

After their debut “Image” (2018) the band receded to the Ardennes to work on a new album. While “Image” had a theatrical and expansive sound, the band decided to concentrate on their most important strength: pure and unpretentious intensity. This can be heard on their new album “Several Others” that is coming out in June (through PIAS). Whispering Sons visited Nijmegen a few times before: both at the Valkhof Festival and in the sold-out small hall of Doornroosje. Their live reputation is rock-solid, so we are very happy to welcome them to Doornroosje’s big hall this time.