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21 Jan 2018
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British artist Yungblud is one of the fastest rising stars in the pop/rock genre.

Hearing single ‘I Love You, Will You Marry Me’ for the first time is like love at first sight. The addictive refrain just won’t leave your mind alone, while its subtle ska hook is giving the song some welcome depth. Yungblud, the alter ego of 19-year-old wunderkind Dominic, tells a story about two young lovers, in which a marriage proposal on a graffiti wall ends in some kind of Shakespearian tragedy.

Yungblud gave a sensational performance last summer at the Metropolis festival and is getting massive airplay on 3FM as well. Dominic, who has not revealed his last name, is part of a new generation of British singer-songwriters (like Declan McKenna) who use the pop music format as a means to deal with themes of a political, activist nature. We expect a big breakthrough next year, so we are very happy we managed to book him for a show!

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