Ziggy Alberts + Nathan Ball

Ziggy Alberts grew up at the Australian coast, yet by now he has seen the entire world. In his music he deals not only with private matters, but also with human interaction and the environment. Sound-wise he is close to Ben Howard and Jack Johnson. This Aussie with a passion for the planet is surfing on waves of positivity and manages to enchant more people every year with his catchy folk songs.

The Australian musician more or less travelled around the world in his van. Even though he’s just 26 years old he’s accomplished quite a lot already: release music, found the label Commonfolk Records and played all over the world in packed venues.

Nathan Ball is supporting him tonight. The English singer-songwriter combines indie folk with a predilection for soundscapes, resulting in something somewhere in between the works of Ben Howard and The War on Drugs. Just listen to mesmerizing track ‘Drifting’ for a taste, a song that has accumulated no less than six million streams on Spotify so far.