Antichrist Siege Machine


Antichrist Siege Machine

+ Ascended Dead

Thursday 12 September 2024
Thursday 12 September 2024
doors open:
21:00 uur
start show:
22:00 uur

The sound that the American band Antichrist Siege Machine produces, is deafeningly loud and brutal as hell. The ruthless mix of black and death metal is very much in your face.

It is hard to imagine, but Antichrist Siege Machine consists of just two members. That a duo is capable of creating such a ruckus is both remarkable and impressive. This usually takes a lot mor musicians. The frantic drum and guitar work is well put together. The album “Purifying Blade” from 2021 is not exactly subtle; quite the opposite. Luckily, they slow down a little at times as well so they allow some time to breathe before hitting the gas pedal again. On the new album “Vengeance of Eternal”, the tempo is once again extremely high. Dark songs with an average length of just two minutes, all with the apparent intention to destroy the world. It helped the band to get noticed though, as it resulted in a spot at Roadburn 2023, a show that was met with very positive reviews. Now it’s Nijmegen’s turn… Let’s see if Merleyn is able to survive this.


black metal, death metal, metal


Antichrist Siege Machine

Thursday 12 September 2024