Author & Punisher


Author & Punisher

+ KEN mode

Saturday 10 August 2024
Saturday 10 August 2024
doors open:
19:30 uur
start show:
20:30 uur

Both Author & Punisher and KEN Mode are well known for their intense and unique sound, which they carry into their live shows as well. In August, both bands are coming to Nijmegen with their metal-driven industrial and noise.

Author & Punisher is the one-man band of Tristan Shone and is well known for his unique and experimental approach to industrial and doom metal. Tristan creates his music by using home-made electronic instruments and machines, which includes controllers, drum pads and vocal manipulation tools.

The music is characterized by heavy, distorted sounds, repetitive rhythms and a dystopian atmosphere. The lyrics and themes often explore dark and introspective subjects like technology, power and the human condition. Live shows are always intense and experimental. The visuals turn it into a full multimedia experience.

KEN Mode from Canada have been known for years for their uncompromising and energetic performances, in which they get the crowd moving through their chaotic noise and hardcore punk that features elements of post-hardcore, sludge and math. The songs are raw and full of emotion. They also deal with personal and societal themes, like mental health, politics and existential topics. Expect screeching vocals, heavy riffs and top-shelf drumming.


doornroosjepas, industrial, noise, metal


Author & Punisher + KEN Mode

Saturday 10 August 2024