Ingested + Fallujah

+ Vulvodynia + Mélancolia

Saturday 18 May 2024
Saturday 18 May 2024
doors open:
19:00 uur
start show:
19:30 uur

The immensely popular English deathcore band Ingested will come to Nijmegen for the first time as a headliner. Fallujah will come along for maximum destructive impact.

In 2022 they were ‘merely’ the support act of Dying Fetus, but now they are tonight’s closing act. And that’s something Ingested can be trusted to do, as their explosive deathcore bounces off the walls. The single ‘Paragon of Purity’, which is a teaser for the new album, is brutal; its breakdowns are way beyond heavy. The Brits have mastered this trick like no other. Their catchy, modern sound makes them a fan favourite.

That’s also why Fallujah is joining them as co-headliner. The American band made a name for themselves with technical death metal. With their new album “Empyrian”, the band returns to the sound of their early days. It is full of highly skilled, exciting riffs and sounds powerful, imposing and brutal. Vocalist Kyle Schäfer switches between deep grunts and clean vocals. It is probably their best work so far.

It’s up to Vulvodynia from South-Africa and Mélancolia from Australia to warm up the crowd with their slamming deathcore. Mélancolia adds an extra dose of black metal to the mix to make things even more interesting. Highly recommended for anyone who loves these genres, that’s more than clear!


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Ingested + Fallujah + Vulvodynia + Mélancolia

Saturday 18 May 2024