Bohren und der Club of Gore


Bohren & Der Club Of Gore

Saturday 11 November 2023
Saturday 11 November 2023
doors open:
19:30 uur
start show:
20:15 uur

The instrumental, German slow jazz/ambient band Bohren & Der Club of Gore was founded in 1992 by childhood friends and makes, as they refer to it themselves, “doom ridden jazz music”. The members met one another through the grind core, hardcore, death and doom metal scenes, referring to these genres (next to jazz and ambient) as massive sources of inspiration.

Their music preferences are also why their music is often called “doom jazz”. Der Club of Gore describes themselves as an ” “unholy ambient mixture of slow jazz ballads Black Sabbath doom and down tuned Autopsy sounds”. The lead role is played by Christoph Clöser and his slow-paces tenor sax, which are a perfect match for the music that’s dominated by piano and ambient-like synths. This dark slow jazz is not just perfect for a car ride at night, but also for a live performance in the gorgeous Stevenskerk.


doomjazz, ambient, jazz


Bohren & Der Club Of Gore

Saturday 11 November 2023