Born of Osiris


Born Of Osiris + Distant

+ Gallamesh

Wednesday 28 August 2024
Wednesday 28 August 2024
doors open:
19:00 uur
start show:
19:30 uur

Today we have two bands that complement one another quite well: Born of Osiris and Distant. Both bands offer metal and deathcore of the highest order. While one is a bit more adventurous and progressive, the other is just pure, unbridled force.

The progressive metalcore of Born of Osiris is innovative, with complex compositions and well-thought-out lyrics. Their music manages to combine complex rhythmic patterns, furious guitar riffs and suspense-setting synths in an effortless manner, resulting in extremely dynamic and exciting songs. The five-piece band from Illinois, USA manages to turn their raw energy into creative metalcore quite well. Their discography consists of a number of albums that were all very well-received, including “The New Reign”, “A Higher Place”, and “The Simulation”. Each record showcases their musical chops and the artistic growth of the band. This is both traditional and progressive.

Distant hails from our own country. This band from Rotterdam dabbles in extremely ruthless deathcore and has built quite a reputation for themselves, as it is by far the biggest extreme metal band we have in our nation. The band is doing quite well abroad as well. Their main strength is their live reputation, so we are very happy to invite them to Nijmegen. This is a perfect opportunity for them to show how it’s done, rampaging through a venue with a tsunami of riffs, massive breakdowns and vocal cords that will put Godzilla to shame.


metal, metalcore, deathcore


Born Of Osiris + Distant

Wednesday 28 August 2024