Wednesday 24 August 2022
Openluchttheater De Goffert
Wednesday 24 August 2022
doors open:
19:30 uur
start show:
20:30 uur

Rock duo cleopatrick, the band consisting of childhood friends Luke Grunts and Ian Fraser, will come to Nijmegen for an exclusive Dutch show. Their debut album “BUMMER” is one with tons of energy, bouncy rock, gritty riffs and fierce drums.

The young Canadians are on a mission to change the stigma that modern day rock bands currently have. Under the name ‘New Rock Mafia’ they have entered the stage with their own style, a refreshing heavy sound and a rapidly growing fanbase. So what does it take to join The ‘New Rock Mafia’? To play so raw and loud that it ought to be a crime, as the band demonstrates. The guitars are tuned very low and have a menacing, dog-like growl to them. The drums are like bullet shots. Luke Gruntz throws out his frustrations in impressive groans and moans. And all of this is under a thick layer of feedback and distortion. Do you have what it takes? As the New Rock Mafia puts it: fuck the fakers!

Fans of The Black Keys, Royal Blood, Reignwolf, Tigercub, Airways and Dead Poet Society should have a ball with cleopatrick’s music.





Wednesday 24 August 2022