Cordovas + Johnny Strykes

Tuesday 24 September 2024
Tuesday 24 September 2024
doors open:
20:00 uur
start show:
20:30 uur

With one foot in the past and the other in the present, Cordova embraces the sound of classic Americana, roots and country rock. As a special guest they have invited talented singer-songwriter Johnny Strikes to join them this tour.

The Cordovas album “Destiny Hotel” (2020) was more or less their breakthrough album to a wider audience. The album contains a gorgeous combination of folk, country and groove rock ‘n roll drenched in poetry. The Tennessee band – which consists of singer/multi-instrumentalist Joe Firstman, keyboard player Sevans Henderson, guitarist/singer Lucca Soria, and singer/multi-instrumentalist Toby Weaver – embodies the unbridled energy of their live shows better than ever. The quality of their song-writing and music has also reached higher levels.

When the band isn’t touring the world or performing at festivals, the band members spend much of their time on a communal farm just outside of Nashville. “I can’t imagine there are many bands that practice as much as we do”, as Firstman puts it, whose wife and young child also live at the same farm. “We are all together here at this gorgeous place and we make sure we never take any of it for granted.”

The American band Cordovas brings tribute to their musical heroes from the seventies on their 2023 album. On “The Rose of Aces”, the Nashville band reaches even higher levels. The album truly sounds like a lost gem from the seventies. Inspired by Southern Rock and American roots music, it once again features lots of quality guitar playing and gorgeous vocals. Part of the praise has to go to musician and producer Cory Hanson, as well.


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Cordovas + Johnny Strykes

Tuesday 24 September 2024