Jazz Sabbath

Jazz Sabbath

Saturday 9 December 2023
Saturday 9 December 2023
doors open:
20:00 uur
start show:
20:45 uur

As their name implies, the English trio Jazz Sabbath plays instrumental interpretations of the songs of legendary hard rock metal band Black Sabbath. This show will take place in Zaal 7 of LUX.

The most important man of Jazz Sabbath is keyboard player Adam Wakeman, son of the equally legendary keyboard player Rick Wakeman of prog rock band Yes. Son Adam is also keyboard player with Ozzy Osbourne’s band, as well as a former touring band member of Black Sabbath. Under his guidance, Jazz Sabbath explores the boundaries between jazz and the songs that led to heavy metal. Existing jazz riffs are followed up upon and new ones are being discovered along the way. The songs often turn into extended, heavy jazz sessions with tons of a-ha moments of recognition. On the self-titled 2020 debut, Jazz Sabbath covers songs from the early years of Black Sabbath. Especially Iron Man, turned into a night club swinger, is worth checking out. Black Sabbath singer Ozzy Osbourne has given his blessing to the band: “I’m really loving this!”

Jazz Sabbath’s debut album was accompanied by an online documentary in which it was suggested that the trio had been founded way back in 1968 and that they are the original authors of the songs that Black Sabbath made famous. The documentary was met with heated responses, although rock and jazz media were in agreement on the actual music: the album was praised universally and made it to charts worldwide. This also led to the release of a special Mono pressing in November 2020’s Record Store Day. All 1500 copies sold out in a single day.

Jazz Sabbath Vol. 2 came out as well, featuring classics like ‘Paranoid’, ‘Sabbra Cadabra’ and of course the song ‘Black Sabbath’ itself.

The concert is seated and the result of a collaboration between Doornroosje and LUX Nijmegen. It will take place in Zaal 7 of LUX.


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Jazz Sabbath

Saturday 9 December 2023