Joe Jackson

Mr Joe Jackson Presents: Two Rounds of Racket Tour

Joe Jackson

Saturday 14 September 2024
De Vereeniging
Saturday 14 September 2024
doors open:
19:15 uur
start show:
20:15 uur
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Stadsschouwburg De Vereeniging and Doornroosje are proud to welcome back to Nijmegen the esteemed singer, musician and producer Joe Jackson.

This time, Joe Jackson will visit for his “Two Rounds of Racket” Tour. The show consists of two parts: a solo set by Joe Jackson with his original songs, and one set based on the album “What a Racket!”, which is the first performance ever in over a hundred years of the songs of the forgotten Music Hall genius Max Champion, with Joe Jackson and a nine-piece band.

Late last year, a brand-new album was released by phenomenon Joe Jackson. His new album is titled “Max Champion in ‘What a Racket!'”, which is a revival of the songs of the mercurial English Music Hall artist Max Champion from the early twentieth century.

Max Champion was born in 1982 in the London East End and was apparently related to the major Victorian entertainer Harry Champion. As an upcoming artist, he shared the stage with big stars like Gus Ellen and Vesta Tilley, but his career – just like Music Hall as a genre in general – would be interrupted by the First World War. His songs got lost over time. At least, until 2014, when the sheet music of his compositions had been rediscovered: first in Malta, then in England and even in Belgium, as that is likely where Max lost his life in the trenches. In 2019, enough songs has been rediscovered for a full set, which led to Joe Jackson and his band taking up the baton.

Joe Jackson: “These were beautiful songs at the time, but they are also surprisingly modern. It’s almost as if Max is speaking to us directly from early 20th century London. Music Hall developed in 19th century London and moved from the pubs and streets to large theatre halls by the turn of the century. It attracted a diverse audience, from regular folk to the elite. The songs in the genre depicted life in the Victorian and Edwardian eras, often drenched in humour, satire, sentimentality, patriotism and some darker themes like jealousy and murder. Some of the songs were risqué as well, so put it gently.”

You can watch a documentary on the life of Max Champion below in preparation for this special performance.


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Joe Jackson

Saturday 14 September 2024